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Barbados Information

Information on Barbados
Information on BarbadosBarbados is the eastern most of the Caribbean Islands and measures a compact 21 miles by 14 miles. Flat, coastal plains rise to an area of rolling hills in the northern centre of the island. The scenery is stunning as you move from fields of sugar cane, to gullies full of indigenous tropical foliage. Palm trees abound and forests clamber up hillsides; there are acres of banana trees and flowers bloom in a myriad of exotic colours.

Then, of course, there are the beaches.

Clear, warm waters lap gently onto golden sands and you can walk for many miles along unbroken white sand, or discover more private sandy bays nestling into some of the larger cliff formations. Whether you want to swim, surf, soak or play, you’ll find everything you need on Barbados’ beautiful coastline.

Today, Barbados still manages to combine contemporary, modern day life with traditional Bajan values – the people are welcoming, fun-loving, creative and vibrant.

Our Properties For Sale in Barbados are close to Barbados's beautiful beaches, shops, restaurants and  local golf courses.

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Here are some resources and online maps of Barbados. The Springcourt development is located next to Rockley Resorts, in the parish of Christ Church, which is in the South of the Island.

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