Rita Springer's famous Caribbean Cookbook

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Rita Springer's famous Caribbean Cookbook

To truly get a flavour of Barbados, you have to do exactly that: taste the fantastic Bajan cuisine. In the Caribbean Rita Springer's Caribbean Cookbook is famous for encapsulating authentic Bajan food.

So whether you are planning a holiday and want to know what the food will be like, want to enjoy Bajan food in your own kitchen and country, or are looking to buy your own Barbados home and want to recreate authentic local food while you are staying on the island, read on...

Bajan Christmas...

With Christmas being celebrated in different ways around the globe, we thought we'd share what it's like at a Bajan Christmas meal. The day often starts with Bul Jolle (salted Cod fish dish from Trinidad) followed by an extensive Christmas lunch...

The traditional turkey is usually present, but that's where the similarity to the UK or North America ends. With the Bajan love of spicy food the turkey or chicken is stuffed with many marinated herbs. In addition there is always ham and often baked pork, Flying Fish or Mahi Mahi and a table laden with Jug Jug (a version of Haggis) Rice and Peas, Scallop Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, a medley of vegetables and salad.


To follow (...some hours later!) is Christmas Cake, Fruit Salad, Ice Cream and Pone (a Cassava root dish). To drink there will be Sorrel (a spiced drink with or without rum) and Punch a Crème (a version of egg nog with rum). Not to mention wine, whisky, beer and rum.

If you'd like to make your Christmas (or any meal for that matter) a Bajan one or give an unusual gift, order a copy of Rita Springer's famous Caribbean Cookbook... get your copy in time for your next Barbados occasion whether it's Christmas or a wistful longing for Bajan cuisine!

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Caribbean Cookbook by Rita G. Springer. Rita Springer is the developer's mother.

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