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Caribbean Properties

Caribbean offers a more diverse and vibrant travel experience than ever before, far more than the world's best beaches. As the islands have grown into international travel destinations, their individual features and strengths have emerged. Many traditional cultures have been preserved, and the astonishing ecological treasures of the islands are now among their most celebrated features. The region's rich history is also gaining a more appreciative audience among vacationers.

The Caribbean islands are incredibly varied, ranging from lush and tropical to arid semi-desert. The climate is ideal, with year-round temperatures averaging around 80 degrees F.

Caribbean Properties

A history built on courage and fortitude has created a Caribbean community of peoples who welcome visitors from all over the world.

Older civilizations of the Americas, from the Carib Indians who gave the region its name to the Mayans of the American mainland, had already been attracted by the physical beauty, fertile soil and mineral wealth of our islands and have left astonishing reminders of their time.

The men, women and children who arrived here from Europe, Africa and Asia have also contributed to the creation of humanity’s richest melting pot. The renowned Caribbean culture of peace and aversion to war is the result of our mutual understanding of others' beliefs and lifestyles, and our own ability to adapt. The Caribbean today is one of the few places free from internal aggression. The results of this unique melt of history and culture can be seen in our faces, our buildings, our languages, our food, our museums and our monuments.

Wherever you are in the Caribbean you are likely to find something or somewhere that will remind you of your homeland – and always something more to expand your horizons. Looking for a property in Barbados? Browse through our Houses in Barbados and apartments for sale, or read more about Springcourt Barbados Property Developers.

Why invest in the Caribbean?

Beautiful weather is a speciality of ours in the Caribbean. Regular flights from the UK, USA and Canada provide easy access to the Caribbean. Barbados is the hub for connection to many of the islands. As a popular holiday destination, Barbados properties afford year round rental opportunities. Stable governments support thriving tourism industries and there are many tax benefits for investors.


The laid-back island of Barbados combines pristine beaches, crystal clear water and vibrant flora with great music, delicious food and a strong sense of history and culture. The handsome colonial buildings of the capital, Bridgetown, date mainly from the 18th century. The dramatic differences between the east and west coast must be seen. The east coat is less developed and ruggedly beautiful. The Caribbean west coast has more hotel development, but the coastline remains elegant and attractive. The sea is calm and clear, ideal for water sports. The warm Caribbean waters teem with brightly coloured fish swimming in vibrant coral reefs. Visit underwater caves, lush tropical gardens.

Springcourt is a new residential development of Properties For Sale in Barbados in Rockley New Road, in Christ Church. Located on the north side of Rockley Resort, these superb villas and apartments for sale in Barbados are in a sought after area and will provide a great long-term Barbados Property Investment for the whole family to enjoy. Beautiful landscaped gardens extend up the hill at the north of the site, which nestles under the Rendezvous ridge. This natural border, combined with elegant walls, fences and hedges, creates a tranquil, intimate oasis in which to unwind and relax.

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